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In art class, he let me go in front of him to get art supplies (just motioned-no real words yet because-MIDDLE SCHOOL).

In English class we were paired together for an in-class assignment and I did all of the work because he didn't even look up at me (because MIDDLE SCHOOL).

In science class he sat in front of me and never looked back when he had to pass me a paper (because MIDDLE SCHOOL).

All of these little moments are still etched in my mind and I think are a testament to what my heart/brain knew that I didn't understand yet.

I had met my forever, my best friend.

To make things even more interesting: we were both painfully shy.

His friend asked me to Sadie's for him, because I was too shy to ask him in the first place.

Instead of holding hands-we high-fived. For months guys...months!

And don't even get me started on our first kiss (a story for another blog later).

But, shy tendencies aside, I caught rumors and glimpses that Daniel felt the same pull toward me that I did him.

It was rumored that Daniel said he was going to marry me-something he sometimes denies I think out of embarrassment-but growing up with him and knowing the man I know now, I don't doubt he said it and knew it all along.

Daniel has always been confident that "everything will be fine", and I've always been the "what-if" fanatic.

That combination is still playing out in our marriage and parenting styles today-and it's honestly humbling to remind myself how it all started and how I and so grateful to have grown up with my best friend.

Seventh grade was such a great year-followed by eighth grade being such a disaster. I have such great photos for that blog next week!

This is a screen shot of a home video from 2002-so 8th grade almost 9th grade Nicole and Daniel. The french braids and braces say it all.

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