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Mantel Family

When Daniel and I made the drive to Seal Beach for Christina and Michael's first session, we were keeping a pretty big secret.

We were pregnant and had only shared the news with a client whose wedding date was just a week before my due date. We planned to share with family and friends after the first trimester.

So, to say I was excited to capture Christina's maternity session would have been an understatement because I was just entering "baby land" and anything and everything baby just made me melt.

Christina and Michael were incredibly easy going and conversations flowed as we waded in the water.

By the end of the session while saying our goodbyes, I blurted, "It's still really early but we're pregnant too!".

We all laughed and I remember the genuine joy on their faces-for strangers they had just met. They were the first to share in our joy and I'll never forget that moment.

Call it overtly excited or a slip of the tongue--I'd like to think of it as mother's intuition. I just knew Christina and Michael were one of a kind and the type of people you'd cherish as friends.

And so here we are: two-almost three-years later and I'm so thankful for that sunset at Seal Beach because it taught me that business can bring you clients-but it can also bless you with life-long friends.

*Also, if you're in need of a style coordinator for photos-Christina is your girl. EVERY session I'm floored at how put together and amazing everyone looks. I struggle with this aspect of photos for my family and she gives me so much inspiration!

Christina and Michael,

Word's can't say who thankful we are to know people like you. People who are so full of life and who love their family fiercely. You've welcomed us into your family and as friends and that's just not a given for most. Your love for each other is so evident and Landon is one lucky guy to have you both as parents. Here's to many more photos, get-togethers and Chili dates (without one of our toddlers hitting the pavement ;)).

All My Love,


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