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I've known Alex since elementary school. She and my younger sister were in the same grade and my grandma was always in our classrooms and involved in the PTA. We spent a good amount of time with Alex because our grandma spent a lot of time with her dad. They loved to talk after school, so there we kids were, standing around wondering when they would stop talking to we could head home.

Alex is one of the most genuine, thoughtful, sweet, and gentle people I know. And looking back on our childhood, I think I know why. Her dad was the sweetest to my grandma and us kids. I think somehow, her dad and my grandma's sweetness made it's way into our hearts, and for that I'm forever thankful.

I jumped at this chance for this session for two big reasons.

1. Alex stayed ALL DAY with my family when we grieved the loss of my grandma just over a year ago. You know, when something that jarring happens you think of the people who will stand beside you, and Alex standing with us on our tennis court long after the crowds had left will always stick with me. She is THE BEST.

2. I didn't think anyone would have enough trust built with me to trust me with such an important time in their life. I thought for sure it would be a year (or two) until I landed an engagement. *Enter Alex's sweet nature and easy going perspective on life-and I'm sure encouragement from my younger sister too - forever thankful there too!*

With all that said, Alex and Eddie were a blast to photograph. They were sweet, genuine, much so that I was quickly losing track of time.

I'm so excited to have been invited into this part of Alex and Eddie's life.

So, soak in their sweetness with a complete look at their session!

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