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About me

I'm an introvert who loves cherishing moments in my heart.

Moments like...

What my mom sounded like walking down the hallway getting ready for work when I was growing up.

How it feels when I hold my husband's arm when walking together.

What my niece's laugh sounds like when her brother jokes about poop at the dinner table.

They way my Granny held out her hand, palm up, to hold my hand, whenever.

Since my grandma's passing in 2016, I've realized my heart cannot get enough of these moments. I realized through my husband's encouragement that I have a passion for capturing these moments. I'd give anything to have an image tied to the memories above.

If you feel deeply about the loves in your life, I'd be honored to help cherish them.

All my Love,




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Nicole Botten

This Love Is Ours Photography

Redlands, CA


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